World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Podzim PVA EXPO PRAHA

SEPTEMBER 9–10, 2016

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.



The 22nd cosmetics WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2016 AUTUMN held on
9th and 10th September at Prague’s Letňany Exhibition Grounds was traditionally blessed with wonderful sunny summer weather. Fortunately the warm days didn’t take away from the programme’s appeal and almost twenty thousand participants left with plenty of impressions, experiences and inspirations for the autumn and winter season.

Of the more than four thousand product brands, the majority involved cosmetics, devices and equipment for salons, hair and nail care, nail modelling and decoration, wellness and spa products (including “home spas”) plus loads more, with an ever growing number of visitors seeking out natural care products. Visitors to the expo had the chance to try out cosmetics from Czech manufacturers which frequently tie in with traditional recipes conjured up by our grandmothers as well as oil-based products and those using other ingredients from abroad, from African countries (Morocco) and Asia impacting favourably on our complexion and psyche.

Anti-aging care, foot care, massages, relaxation and regeneration formed the core of the exhibition programme on both the stages and stands. Presentations on alternative healthcare and educational methods in these areas also featured on the programme.

In traditional style trends in make-up, hair, clothing– LOOK autumn/winter 2016/2017 were presented by masters in the field – we were able to check out Pavel Bauer, Štěpánka Podroužková, Dáda Kusá, Honza Hlaváček, Romana Topinková, Honza Špilar and other “gurus” in the fashion world. Once again the most beautiful girls were radiant – Miss ČR at the helm alongside Miss World Lucie Kovandová, Czech Miss Nikol Švantnerová, Czech Vice-miss Tereza Budková and Czech Miss Earth Karolína Mališová.

Competitions also featured on the list of festival experiences: Triumphing in the most attractive of these – the Make-up Championships on the topic of „Violet revolution” with a hint of mystery and seduction was Lucie Loudinová who can look forward to going through to the next round abroad. In second place was Kristýna Puková followed by Anděla Bursová in third.

At the unique “life” competition across the hairdressing world „INSPIRATIONS 2017” a total of thirteen finalists presented some amazing original braided hairstyles that will surely become an inspiration for many long-haired ladies. Jitka Svobodová won, with second place going to Denisa Jirásková and third to Eva Komínková. All can look forward to progressing to the competition held in Nuremberg.

Winner of the Czech and international championship in nail design went to Marika Štěpánková, followed by Michaela Jančíková and Jitka Kuběnová in the Czech category. In the international part, first place and the BEAUTY EXPO CUP was awarded to Zuzana Kudličková from Slovakia who ranked second place overall in terms of points.

The competitions in eye lash extensions, thickening and decorations made for a beautiful spectacle along with the designer competition and “natural fitness” beautiful male and female body competition.  A total of eighteen products were presented with “high quality product” awards.

In keeping with tradition, the announcement of the spring competitions offered inspiration while also passing on invitations to the 23rd WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA spring 2017 (to be held on 1oth and 11th March 2017 on the same premises). Pavel Bauer and his team performed „DARK DESIRE”, the semi-final topic of the 11th event year of Creative Image team 2017.

Another competition the topic of which was depicted on the stage as preparation for the final in March 2017 was the photo-make-up of Štěpánka Podroužková, this time around going by the title „Avant-garde”.

A seminar organised in conjunction with the commercial sections of the U.S.A. and French Embassies together with a Dr Dagmar Jírová from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) also offered a unique opportunity for those interested in new foreign brands, exporters and distributors.

The wide offering of experiences was complemented by links to other attractive expos and events. These included FOR DECOR & HOME, Collector, Investor, Minerals and Precious Stones and on Saturday Letňany Airport Day for family fun.




FRIDAY, September 9th, 2016
09.30 – DESIGN LOOK LASHES 2016 competition, topic „Punk lashes”

10.10 – The Labyrinth: Benefit concert,
10.15 – Launch of day-long hair show SOU hairstyling school Praha 8
10.20 – Vladimír Mazal: Ayurvedic foot massage with a Tibetan bowl
10.40 – Diamond Fashion Designer competition finalists
10.50 – SOU hairstyling school Karlín – „Fairy-tale hairstyles”
11.05 – For Life: Getting younger without botox
11.20 – Skin treatment for pigmentation – mineral „Barouk” clay and aromatherapy
11.40 – Reviderm: REVIDERM presents (R)evolutional micro-needling)
12.10 – Jan Špilar: Ecaille
12.30 – TANA Cosmetics: Perfect brows and smoky eye make-up
12.45 – Fashion show from graduates at the Holešovice clothing school
13.00 – Invite to a seminar at the USA and French embassy
13.05 – BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD for exceptional quality products
13.15 – Anna Menzelová, President of the Cosmetic Union, invite to cosmetics congress
13.20 – Pavel Bauer announcing the 12th ever CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM
13.30 – Czech Republic Championships in MAKE-UP on the theme of „Violet revolution”
14.40 – „Contrasts” of fashion designers working with Pavel Bauer and Romana Topinková
15.00 – Announcing the results of the Czech Make-up Championships
             General partner: The union of cosmeticians. Main sponsors: Keenwell, AVON, Janssen
             cosmetics, Dinair,Vizart, Weleda, Kosmetika Christina, Manufaktura, Tana Cosmetics
             Dermalogica, Wimpernwelle.
             Main media partners: Linda magazine, Les nouvelles esthetiques magazine

15.15 – Vladimír Mazal Ayurvedic cosmetics– herbs to beautify and keep you healthy
15.45 – DESIGN LOOK LASHES 2016 competition – announcing the results

SATURDAY, September 10th, 2016
10.00 – Launch of the NAIL DESIGN competition
10.05 – Launch of day-long hair show SOU hairstyling school Praha 8
10.10 – Beauty & Fitness Cup 2016
10.45 – Vladimír Mazal: Ayurvedic foot massage with a Tibetan bowl
11.00 – Beauty & Fitness Cup 2016
11.30 – Fashion Island show Autumn/Winter once again with the most beautiful women: Czech Miss Nikol
             Švantnerová, Czech vice-miss Tereza Budková, Lucie Kovandová, Karolina Mališová

12.00 – Skin treatment for pigmentation – „Barouk” clay and aromatherapy –
12.25 – Beauty & Fitness Cup 2016 – FINALE
12.45 – Dáda Kusá & Pavel Bauer – Amazing creative show from the hairstyling and make-up legends
13.00 – Honza Cigánik, Martin Loužecký: 7th ever „INSPIRATIONS 2017” competition
14.00 – Štěpánka Podroužková: Photo make-up 2017 AVANTGARDE with a make-up demonstration
             and invited guests
14.40 – Announcing the winners of INSPIRATION 2017, fifty-thousand Czech Crown prize for the winners
14.55 – Fashion show with Czech models

15.10 – TANA Cosmetics: Perfect brows and smoky eye make-up
15.25 – Enii nails – News
15.45 – Michaela Čepcová – Competition nails
16.00 – Announcing the winners of the nail design competition
16.15 – Vladimír Mazal: Ayurvedic foot massage with a Tibetan bowl


Tasha stand: demos for pain-free depilation
Alessandro stand: Czech VIP personalities
APR stand: practical demonstrations of Rolf-therapy – reorganisation of connective tissue
Yasmína: distilling natural herbs
Unique opportunity for all those interested in completely new items and new foreign brands on the Czech market: Working in conjunction with commercial sections of foreign embassies and companies with foreign representation we will be presenting new brands entering the market from the U.S.A., Italy etc.
More information will be gradually placed on the websites of the commercial sections of embassies and trade fair organisers.


FRIDAY, September 9th, 2016
            Diabetology for pedicurists. Lecture led by: MUDr. Miroslav Koliba


FRIDAY, September 9th, 2016
10.00–11.45 DEXTER ACADEMY: Modern trends in teaching cosmetic retraining courses. Exotic and health
            massages and procedures: bamboo, Bali, Hawaiian, Dorn method, elastic taping. What’s wellness?
11.45–12.30 Czech Association of Sauna Lovers: Sauna tourism at the SPA (Pavel Hofrichter)
12.30–14.15 We love aromatherapy or rather celebrating 20 years of the AČA lectures
            by graduates from the aromatherapy institute:
14.30–16.00 EMBASSIES OF THE USA AND FRANCE: Introducing the American and French cosmetics market–
            trends and company presentations. Opportunity to work with Czech distributors and sales departments.
            Important information and essential regulations to enter the Czech market and successfully sell EU
            products. Q&A opportunity. (lecture led by Dr. Jírová, the National Reference Centre for Cosmetics (SZÚ))

SATURDAY, September 10th, 2016
10.15–11.15 Milan Gelnar: Astrology and self-recognition. How can I decipher my horoscope and recognise the
            strong and weak traits – send your date of birth including the hour and minute
            you were born and get your own horoscope circle which you can read and work with during the lecture.
11.15–12.00 Hanna Mária: AROMATHERAPY in daily life – as first aid in common illnesses among
            children and adults.
12.00–13.15 P. Jentschura, Jana Hrinková: P. Jentschurova alkaline treatment, Dream Body Shape,
            Beautiful skin and hair, How to successfully purify your body.
13.15–13.45 Diochi: Diochi comprehensive detox care
13:45–14:30 PhDr. Hana Yasminka Khlaif – professional aromatherapy – treatment for varicose veins,
            couperose prone complexions, dermatitis and acne prone complexions
14:30–15:15 PhDr. Hana Yasminka Khlaif – invite to international competition in February 2017 – THE BIRTH
            OF ESSENTIAL OIL, reopening of the 1st holistic aromatherapy school.
15:15–16:00 Veronika Čížková Cosmetics ATOK – Quality purification and make-up removal for healthy skin
            – new trends in aromatherapy care –


Hairstyles from the SOU hairstyling school Praha 8 Karlín


FRIDAY, September 9th, 2016
10.00 – DESIGN LOOK LASHES – competition in eyelash extensions and decorations

SATURDAY, September 10th, 2016
10.00 – Czech and international NAIL DESIGN championships



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Sedm soutěžích postupuje na Mistrovství v make-upu ČR 2019

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BB GLOW – Jedna z nejnovějších kosmetických procedur v Evropě

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